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Wednesday, August 8th 2018, 2:40am

public statements on their website about

Two days ago I received a large envelope in the mail that contained the March issue of Runner’s World. It felt a bit stiffer than a typical issue, and after reading Nike Air Max 97 Womens an accompanying letter from Brooks, I opened the magazine to find that Brooks had placed a video ad inside for their new shoe, the Brooks Transcend.I’m not sure if this was a special edition just for bloggers/media. I suspect so given the potential expense involved in Nike Air Vapormax Womens wide circulation of an ad like this. But, I have to admit that although I really have no interest in the shoe personally (too heavy for my taste), the video ad is pretty darned cool and I wonder if we are seeing a glimpse at the future with this type of advertising (check out this post on an Outside Magazine video experiment for a different implementation)?Check out the ad in the video below (click on the gear in the YouTube interface to adjust settings if you’d like to view in HD) please take the message home to your colleagues, this type of technology in a print Adidas Superstar Femme magazine is terrible development. What you say is the future is not a healthy place, just creating more toxic waste all for the possibility that a small percentage of consumers might be impressed enough buy a shoe.Today we all have smart phones, tablets, laptops, TV’s, no end of ways of consuming moving adverts. These devices all have better visual and audio quality than you can reproduce in magazine and aren’t one off use. If you want to be part of the future then embrace it, enrich it further, not generate more waste that can’t easily be recycled.The more I think about this the more I regret posting this and the more I agree with you. If this goes out to all subscribers it’s a crazy waste of resources and is going to fill landfills with a ton of lithium ion batteries that in the tiny print on the back of the ad says should Nike Air Max 95 Homme not be dumped into household trash bins. Seems like a ripe opportunity for another brand to make a giant donation to a charity or organization like Girls on The Run and show where money like this can be put to good use.Brooks pisses me off a bit since they rabidly protect Nike Air Max 95 Homme their pricing to support retailers (hence why no online discounts work for Brooks shoes). Supporting retailers is all well and good, but what about the consumers who buy the shoes? Shouldn’t their wallets be protected from skyrocketing shoe prices? Especially when Brooks clearly has enough money to put out an ad like this? that’s a quick turnaround of opinion. I work in publishing as well and these techniques truly are a feeble attempt to keep an outdated medium in circulation. I work for a company that, among other media, makes custom magazines for a Adidas Campus Femmenumber of corporations. Magazines are on the way out. It’s hard to predict what the future will hold for publishing. At the moment content marketing through social media (adding credible and valuable information to corporate social media) seems to work best to activate consumers. Nike Air Max 1 Womens And of course providing important bloggers, like yourself Peter, with previews and free gear.Funny to see how such a pricey, and on the surface nifty marketing scheme only seems to breed contempt.I hate this ad campaign and the incredible waste of resources, but it is especially annoying given Brooks’ public statements on their website about responsible use of resources.“Brooks makes some good products. I would hope that your rapid rise in market share in the run specialty market does not go to your head and drive you to do ridiculous and wasteful Nike Air Max 1 Hombre promotions like the Transcend campaign. Please let your products stand on their own and use those advertising dollars to do something important, good, or responsible.”I hope Brooks hears from others who think like some of us here do. Unfortunately I expect that Brooks will hear from Nike Air Max 270 Mujer many more people just how cool and innovative their ad campaign is and that will drown out the dissenting opinion.

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