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Sunday, June 3rd 2018, 3:55am

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This hijab comes in rectangular format and is also available in various colours. The netted hijab is usually worn on top of another hijab or on a hijab bonnet cap. This kind of hijab is a summer design and so is mostly available during the summers in large varieties. The netted hijab partly inspired the creation of the Kuwaiti hijab which will be explained shortly.The Kuwaiti hijab is presently the most popular hijab in the market. It consists of a main hijab portion that is cotton rich and a rectangular netted hijab section which is attached at the neck potion of the main hijab with one end left unattached. Once the main Kbfwtegz part of the Kuwaiti hijab is worn the netted hijab section is wrapped around the main hijab portion and attached with a hijab pin at the end or tucked in at the neck. The netted hijab portion has a satin border usually.
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(e) The iolite gemstone is also referred to as the 'gemstone of the Vikings' and this has an interesting story attached to it. It is believed that the gemstone was used by the Vikings to help them navigate the high seas. The Vikings made use of the iolite stone to point them towards the sun. This was very important especially when they were far off from the coast and the sky was overcast with clouds.
Whatever the reason, retro style offers a wide selection of options for decorating, whether you're choosing vintage antiques or picking new pieces with a retro sensibility. Combining style with simplicity, retro is a return to smaller scale, appreciation of simpler shapes and getting down to the substance of design. We've all seen the return of retro fashion - today's styles sport bell bottoms and hip huggers, tosses in some Harvest Gold and Avocado Green (although renamed to "Burnished Wheat" and "Dried Thyme") and gives new life to looks many of us swore 20 years ago that we'd never wear again. Old styles with a new twist are being incorporated into more than just fashion and clothing; retro style is expanding into home d

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